Frequently asked questions about Meta Facebook Integration

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Frequently asked questions about the Meta Integration

1. What can be expected when connected with Facebook integration and the sync of data?
  • A custom audience is an ad targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people across Meta technologies. You can use sources such as customer lists, website or app traffic, or engagement across Meta technologies, to create custom audiences of people who already know your business. The different types of custom audiences you can create:
    • Website custom audiences
    • App activity custom audience
    • Customer list custom audience
    • Engagement custom audiences
You can create up to 500 custom audiences per ad account. Audience Republic syncs with Customer Segments created, or customer lists that sync across automatically, saving you time with manual csv imports. When you're ready to grow your business further, you can use your custom audience to create a lookalike audience. Lookalike Audiences are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to (or 'look like') the people currently engaging with your business.

2. How does Audience Republic ensure data goes to the right ad account? 
Based on the assigned ad account, segments are created within it and are used only for that ad account.

3. Is Audience capped? You can create up to 500 custom audiences per ad account. Audience Republic's segments contribute to the 500 caps per ad account depending on your other sources (app activity, website etc)

4. Can Audience Republic automatically remove a customer from the audience even though it is being removed in that segment? If a customer is removed from a segment, it will stay in the Audience Table until that customer is deleted. To delete this cohort from the table, you can do a filtered search result, such as 'Unsubscribed from list'.

5. How can we determine which segments have synced data in Audience Republic?
The Audience Manager Filter is the quickest way to tell what segments have recipients in it.

6. What limitations are associated with this integration?
The integration is a useful tool that replaces the previous manual process of uploading lists. The limitation of this tool depends on the amount of customer data you keep per recipient. Meta uses a concept called Identifiers (such as email, age, location, etc.) which aids in ad reach. The more data you provide on recipients, the better the results will be.

7. Can we modify the segments that are being sent back to Facebook?
Only Audience segments are sent to Meta Facebook. No event or ticket sales information is included in the integration.

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