Targeting Your Audience: using Segments and Tags

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Segments are subgroups within your customer dataUse multiple filters to target a group of people based on certain factors. 

Tags are highly customisable labels for your contacts: They help you organise them based on information you know about the contact, and help you identify additional information about your contacts.


Save a filter to identify these segmentsthen send them targeted messaging or advertising. Marketing to segments allows you to tailor your messaging to resonate with your target audience and drive more ticket sales.

Most effective segments to drive ticket sales

Once segments are saved they update automatically, meaning anytime a new contact is added to platform and meets the filter criteria, they will be automatically added to the segment.

Check out: How to save a segment and open a saved segment

When to use segments
Use segments to create dynamic lists, Facebook Custom Audiences or simply save for later.



Tags can be used to organize information about your contacts, like genres, locations, high-value customers, influencers, event brands, or top spenders.

Check out: How to create and add tags 

 When to use tags

  • To add customized data points to your audience. Especially useful for data points outside standard ticket sales, location, and personal data, for example, 'likes techno', 'lives out of state' and 'influencer' 
  • To create a static group which can only be updated manually
  • Combine tags to create a segment

After you create tags and add them to your contacts, you can message them with an Email, SMS or use tag data to build segments and further target your contacts.

Tags do not update dynamically, they are static which you must manually update.

Importing tags

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