How to import an HTML email

Modified on Thu, 11 Jan 2024 at 11:21 AM

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have access to the Messaging Menu
  • When using HTML import as the email, the Preview and edit options are not available
  • Currently, we do not support hosting assets for your emails. You will need to either externally host your own images or send emails without images in them. Our email platform provides an on-rails experience that guarantees email consistency between platforms; so if you bypass that and send an HTML email then we cannot guarantee that your email will render consistently between platforms, operating systems or email clients.  
  • Please note, your file will need to be saved as a HTML file 

  • If you're using plain Text, save it in Notepad and upload it to Convertio to convert to HTML file

Steps for using the HTML feature

  • Ensure your email has been already designed and built externally. 
  • Save your email as HTML
  • Then, import the final email into the platform using the HTML block
  • After, send a test email to ensure the format is displayed correctly

How to import an HTML email

  • Go to Messaging
  • Click New Message > Design your Email
  • Select Import HTML

  • Import your HTML file

Test your HTML email 

For best practice, send a test email to your internal team members and a real email to test how the actual message will be displayed:

Including basic Dynamic tags

  • HTML emails support basic dynamic tags: you can use {{first_name}} and {{email address}} within your HTML and our platform will sub that data accordingly.
  • Also in the Subject line:

Adding an opt-out link to your HTML code

*This is optional, if you don't manually add an opt-out link to your HTML code, Audience Republic will automatically insert one into the HTML email once it's been sent.

  • Otherwise, use this opt-out code in your HTML code:
<a href="{{ar_unsubscribe_link}}">Opt out here</a>

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