How to embed a survey in an email

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Increase your engagement rate by embedding a survey in your email

Before you get started

  • Ensure you have access to the Messaging Menu and Email Builder
  • Have a survey created in Typeform, SurveyMonkey, or another survey tool that provides embeddable HTML code


Increased Engagement

  • Immediate Interaction: Recipients can start the survey without leaving their email, making it more likely they'll engage.

Higher Completion Rates

  • Convenience: The easier you make it for people to respond, the more likely they are to complete the survey.
  • First-Question Hook: Once they answer the first question, they're more committed to completing the rest of the survey.

Better Data Quality

  • Reduced Friction: The fewer steps users have to take, the less likely they are to abandon the survey, leading to more reliable data.

Enhanced Personalisation

  • Dynamic Content: Embedding allows for more dynamic and interactive content, making the email more appealing and personalized.

Improved Metrics

  • Trackability: Many survey tools offer real-time tracking of responses, allowing you to adjust your strategy based on immediate feedback.


  • Customisation: The custom HTML block allows for a wide range of content types, not just surveys, offering greater flexibility in your email campaigns.

How to embed a survey into an email

1. Prepare Your Survey

  • Typeform: Navigate to the 'Share' panel in your workspace and select 'Embed in an email'.
  • SurveyMonkey: Go to the 'Design Survey' section and ensure the first question is a supported type. Toggle on 'Embed first question' when composing your email.

2. Copy the Embed Code

  • Copy the HTML code that the survey platform provides.

3. Open Audience Republic's Email Builder

  • Log into Audience Republic and open the email template you wish to edit.

4. Insert Custom HTML Block

  • Drag and drop the 'Custom HTML' content block into your email design at the location where you want the survey to appear.

5. Paste the Embed Code

  • Click on the newly inserted 'Custom HTML' block. A panel will appear on the right side displaying the HTML code editing pane.
  • Paste the copied HTML code from the survey platform into this pane.

6. Validate and Test

  • The Email Builder's code sanitiser will validate your code. Ensure it doesn't remove essential parts of your survey embed code.
  • Send a test email to verify that the survey appears and functions as expected.

Finding your Survey data

  • The survey data will go to the survey tool
  • Please export this as a CSV file
  • And manually import the data into your Audience Republic account

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