Frequently asked questions for using the email builder

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 09:43 AM

How can I add spacing between the email content?

Option 1: use the padding tool to create space between your content

  • Click on the content that you want to add spacing
  • In the sidebar, scroll down to Block Options
  • Next to Padding, enable More Options
  • You can create spacing from the top and bottom, as well as from the right and left by increasing the padding numbers:

Option 2: Use the Spacer to break your content into parts

  • Click on the Spacer and drag it into the area you want to break up:

How can I change the email width?

600px is the recommended maximum to render in all email clients

Our email builder makes it easy to design beautiful emails. In the Body menu of the builder you can adjust the width of your email. The default setting is 500px and the recommended maximum is 600px.

Widths wider than 600px may not render correctly in all email clients. In Gmail the background color will not appear. 

  • Click on the Settings tab from the right
  • Adjust the Content area Width to no more than 600px to ensure it renders in all clients
  • Choose the alignment (left or centre)

How can I embed a Spotify playlist in my email?

You cannot embed Spotify playlists as most inboxes don't support Iframe since they can potentially link to shady or malicious content, that's why most email clients disable them. 

  • A great workaround to embed a Spotify playlist is by taking a screenshot of the playlist and then adding it as an image to your email.

  • You can hyperlink the image to the playlist URL so your recipients can access the playlist directly. 

How can I change the link color in the email builder?

  • Click on the link(s) you want to change the color of
  • On the side panel, click on Settings
  • Scroll to Link color, select the color you want to change it to

  • To select or unselect Underline links, click on the text content
  • Select the link icon (in the pop up box)
  • Uncheck 'underline link'

How can I edit images (including width)?

Max width
The recommended maximum width of an image is 600px, in line with the overall email content width.
Max file size
Your file size should be no large than 1MB to ensure the image loads quickly across all devices.

How to refresh the event date in the email builder

  • In the email, select the Event that you want to refresh
  • To update the event date, click Select Event and reselect the event to update the data

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