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Including tags in your API call is a simple but powerful way to organise your contacts and improve your marketing efforts.

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have access to API tokens. If you do not, please ask your customer success manager for access.

How to do API test calls

When using API, there is a field available for including tags. This can be found in the Contacts call section. Including tags in your API call is a great way to organise your contacts and make them easier to manage. 

1. Create an API token in your Audience Republic account

2. After, go to https://developer.arep.co/#tag/Contacts/operation/create-contacts 

3. To create a new contact, click Contacts > Create Contacts

4. On the right-hand side bar, click on Post Contacts and copy the URL

4. Open your Integration (such as Talend Chrome Extension), go to Requests > Repositorty tab, and paste the URL in the Scheme/Host section

5. add a ? and provider name at the end of the URL

Example: ?provider=aaronstahi 

6. Add Authorization (which is the API key) and add 'Bearer,' then paste in the API key 

7. Go back to the documentation page and copy the contact call

8. Populate it into the Body, adding details such as tags

9. Once completed, click Send

**Please note: Our API isn't immediate also, takes a minute or so for info to come across 

Including tags in your API call can help you segment your contacts and target them with more relevant content. For example, if you have a promotion for VIP customers, you can use the tag "VIP" to send the promotion only to those customers.

Still need help?

Contact us at support@audiencerepublic.com 

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