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Campaigns can be used for Presale Registrations, Ballots, Competitions, or Waitlists.

Create campaigns in Audience Republic to sell more tickets through word of mouth. 

Before you get started

How to create a campaign

Step by step:

  • Navigate to the Campaigns menu
  • Click the Create campaign button in the top right-hand corner

  • Choose an event to associate with the campaign with and click Setup the campaign
    • If you have not yet created the event, you can click Create new event, fill in the fields in the pop up box and click Create event. You can then continue creating the campaign.

Step 1: Setup the campaign

  • On the 'Setup campaign' page:
    • Enter the campaign Headline. Your rewards headline should be engaging and include a clear call to action and highlight at least the top tier incentive.
    • If you want to edit the campaign URL, click the pencil icon (optional)
    • Enter a Description
    • Enter the date, time and timezone when the presale registration window will end
    • Enter the date and time when presale tickets will go on sale (for presale campaigns)
    • Upload an image for the campaign
    • If you want to include a video, click the 'Upload a video' link, then you can either upload or insert a link to YouTube or Vimeo (uploading an Mp4 is recommended)
    • Choose a color (using hex code or RGB) to apply to the banner and call to action button
  • Once completed click Next

Step 2: Registration details

  • On the 'Registration details' page: 
    • Select the fields you would like to capture. By default, email address, first name, last name and mobile number are selected. Click the '+Add field' link to select from additional registration fields.
    • To add custom registration fields, click on the '+Add field' then '+Add custom field'.
    • You can also choose whether fans can register with their Spotify account by checking or unchecking the tick box.
  • Once completed click Next

Step 3: Set the rewards

  • On the 'Set the rewards' page:
    • Enter the Headline. Your rewards headline should be engaging and include a clear call to action and highlight at least the top tier incentive.
    • Enter a Description. Tell people why they should earn points, and how they can do it.

  • Scroll down, and you can add your reward tiers. Click on either 'Paid ticket' or 'Prize', depending on the type of reward for that tier.
    • For paid tickets; enter the ticket name (i.e. the ticket type) and ticket price.
    • For prizes; enter the prize name and description. You can also upload an image (optional but highly recommended) and include a prize value if you see fit.
    • Enter the number of winners (i.e. for upper reward tiers, only available to top point scorers), or you can tick the checkbox for all remaining fans who register (i.e. for presale ticket access, available to all who register).
    • Click the 'Add another tier' button and enter the details for all rewards on offer for the campaign
  • Once completed click Next

Step 4: Social: Share

  • On the 'Social: Share' page you can customize and preview how the campaign will appear in the news feed when shared by fans:
    • Enter the Share title. This should be an engaging call to action that will get people to click.
    • Enter the Share description. Tell people why they should register, include the incentives and create urgency. Note that there is a limit on how many characters from the description can be seen on the news feed before clicking, as shown in the preview.
    • Choose the Social media channels that your audience can use to share.
  • Once completed, click Next

Step 5: Social: Invite friends

  • On the 'Social: Invite friends' page, you can choose how your audience can invite their friends to earn points:
    • Check or uncheck the tick boxes based on the channels you would like to use (we recommend leaving the default selections)
  • Once completed, click Next

Step 6: Social: Follow & connect

  • On the 'Social: Follow & connect' page, you can add the social accounts you want fans to follow to earn points:
    • Enter the Social account name (name of the Account), then enter the link or username for each channel you want fans to follow.
    • You can add additional accounts and their channels (e.g. for associated brands, artists or sponsors) by clicking the 'Add another account' button and entering the details.
  • You can also allow fans earn points for connecting their Twitter and/or Spotify accounts. We highly recommend including these to allow for better data collection and campaign insights
  • Once completed, click Finish

How to launch your campaign

  • You can now launch your campaign by promoting it using the URL available on the campaign dashboard:

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