Editing Images & Properties definitions

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When you insert an image or click on an image already present in the design, the Content Properties area of the builder will show you many settings. You can configure them and use the different tools available. 

Before you get started

Image properties definitions

  • Auto-width: This option is enabled automatically if the image size is bigger than the box. You can switch it off if you want to resize it
  • Align: you can align the image to the text
  • Change image: Click on this button to open the file manager, where you can replace the image with a new one.
  • Apply effects & more: Click on this button to load an image editing tool to resize the image, apply visual effects, and much more.
  • URL: Specifies where the image is saved. You can also paste an external URL to load an image from there.
  • Dynamic image: Toggle this setting ON or OFF to indicate whether your image is dynamic. Learn more about dynamic images.
  • Auto width: Toggle this setting ON and OFF to automatically fill (ON) or not (OFF) the content area of the image.
  • Align: Change the positioning of the image.
  • Alternate text: Enter the text that should be displayed when images are turned off. This is a best practice in email design since there are still email clients that have images turned off by default.
  • Action: You may link the image to a URL, to a new email in an email client, or to a telephone number for making a call or sending a text message. You can also link the image to a file that you previously uploaded through the builder’s file manager.

Editing Images

When you select an image in the builder, you'll see an "Apply effects & more" button. Click on it to access a tool that allows you to edit the image in various ways:

The editor has many cool features, from filters to resizing and cropping tools.

  • Change the image size:


  • Apply cool stickers:

  • Apply Filter effects:

  • Set round corners: 
    *Note that the image should be in PNG format to have a transparent background

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