Definitions of Rows, Content & Settings

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The BeeFree email builder provides you with tremendous design flexibility. This is achieved by separating the concepts of:

  • Settings: which apply to the entire design
  • Rows: which can be added, removed, & copied
  • Content: individual content blocks like images, text, and buttons, which also can be added, removed, copied, and moved

Before you get started


General options for the design are inherited by Structure and Content blocks

  • Content area width and Alignment
  • Change the Background color
  • Choose a background color for the Content area
  • Insert a Background image
  • Change the Link color
  • Optional properties - title of the email and select a language

For example, the font family set in the design settings is then used everywhere in your design, except where you use a custom setting. *This is useful to build a coherent design quickly*


Rows are structural units that define the horizontal composition of a section of the design by using columns. A row can include one to six columns for emails and twelve for pages.

  • Using more than one column allows you to put different content elements side by side.

Row properties:

  • Change the Row background color and Content area background color
  •  Change the alignment of the row
  • Round the corners
  • Add a color to the content area border
  • You can enable 'do not stack on mobile' and 'reverse stack on mobile'
  • Row background image: insert an image to the Content area or the Row. Choose the alignment: to 'fit to background,' 'repeat,' or 'centre' 

  • Padding: Increase the row content by adjusting the Padding
  • Border: You can create space in-between the row content by adjusting the Border


Once you've designed the layout with blocks, you are ready to drag and drop different content elements.


Insert Title




Insert HTML code


Insert Events:

Insert event details from your events menu



Insert icons and links for your social channels



Insert text



Insert a dividing line between content



Insert a Paragraph



Insert a spacer



 Insert an uploaded image

*Ensure your image file name does NOT contain the % symbol as it will not upload*


A green tick and red x

Description automatically generated with medium confidence



Insert a YouTube video




Insert a button (e.g. for a call to action)


Insert icons (e.g. shapes)


Insert a list (to format your text)


Insert a Menu (to format your text)

This is a series of tiles that represent the different kinds of content you can use in your design:

  • Drag one of the content tiles (such as 'Title') inside a Row, and it will auto-adjust to the Row's width

  • Every content tile has its own settings, such as granular control on padding. 
    The "Content Properties" panel automatically switches to a property panel for the selected content element:

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