Adding a background image

Modified on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 12:28 PM

You can apply your background image to an individual row or to your entire design in the BeeFree email builder. 

We advise 640 pixels when used for elements, and 1200 pixels for full-width.

Email client compatibility 

Background image support varies across email clients. 

According to our tests, the following clients do not support background images:

  • Outlook desktop on Windows (However, background images work on Outlook 2011 & Outlook 2016 on OS X, and on
  • Lotus Notes 7
  • email client
  • email client
  • Xfinity / Comcast email client

We always recommend setting a background colour similar to your background image. This way your design will still work if your background image fails to display. 

How to add a Row background image

Use this option if you want your background image to only populate a part of your design.

  • Start by selecting a row
  • You will see a Row background image section in the sidebar:

How to add a Background image to your entire design

Use this option if you want to apply a background image to your entire design

  • Select the settings tab in the builder sidebar. 
  • You will see a background image section in the sidebar.

In both options, the background image is controlled by a toggle. It's disabled by default. Once enabled, additional options will appear.

Once the Toggle is enabled, you can upload an image for your background. 

  • As with other image-based content, use the Change image button to get started. 
  • You can paste an image URL into the field if you wish to use an image hosted elsewhere.

You can apply the background image to the content area, or the entire row

  • If you select Content area, the image will display within the content area width for your design. 
  • If you select Row, the background image can extend beyond the content area. 

'Fit to background' If you need to resize your image to fit the background, this is the option for you!

When you select the checkbox for Fit to Background, your image will resize to fit the container:

  • If you enable Fit to background, you cannot select another option. 
  • If you disable this option, your image will display with the original dimensions.  


This works well with smaller images or symmetrical patterns. If you choose to repeat the popcorn background, for example, the design would now look like this:


This option will centre your background image.

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