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What is Suggested Audiences?

Suggested Audiences is a tool that allows you to categorise fans based on specific criteria or tags such as "genre", related events, or a campaign related to the event. Fans who match any of the selected criteria will be categorised as "Suggested". 

Once you have identified your Suggested Audience, you can then use marketing strategies to move them from "Not Contacted" to "Purchased" by sending emails or SMS messages, adding them to a list, or exporting them as a CSV.

When should you use a Suggested Audience?

  • When you're time poor and don’t want to create complex filters/segments.
  • When you don’t know WHO to target or WHO is engaging with your messaging.

Why you should use Suggested Audiences

  • It ensures potential ticket sales are not missed due to no contact
  • It automates granular segmenting opportunities based on engagement

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have access to the Events menu and the 'Suggested Audiences' tab. Please reach out to your Customer success manager to enable this feature in your account. 
  • Ensure you have created the tags and events that you're planning to use to generate a Suggested Audience

How to create a Suggested Audience

  • Step 1: Go to Edit an event or create an event
  • Step 2: Select the option to generate an audience - select any existing tags, signup forms and/or events
  • Please note: Tags, signup forms, and events must be created before creating a Suggested Audience

  • Step 3: Click save
  • Once saved, your Audience will be generated

How to send a message to a Suggested Audience

Please note: If you have built an email using a Suggested Audience, you cannot switch it to a standard list, you can only select the Suggested Audience. Rather, save it as an email template, then open the email to choose your list. 

  • To send a message to a Suggested Audience, click "New Message" in the top right corner

*Note that unsubscribers (to email/SMS marketing) will not be sent a message, you can see the number of non-subscribers by hovering over the "person" symbol:

How to Refresh Your Suggested Audiences

  • The statistics will update automatically once you have viewed them. Audience Republic keeps track of when the audiences for an event are viewed and then schedules an update to those statistics within 15 minutes. If you click on the "Refresh" button, it will force the statistics to update sooner.

Actions option

  • Allows you to create and send a new email or create and send a new sms
  • And add contacts to a list

Summarising the Audience categories 

  • The "Suggested" tab will display all contacts who have not been contacted, not engaged or engaged. 

  • The "Not contacted yet" tab displays contacts who haven't been sent a message and haven't purchased a ticket.
  • We suggest you focus on your “not contacted” and “engaged” audiences first. Why? Not contacted are missed opportunities and “engaged” are fans showing some level of interest in the event.

  • The "Not Engaged" tab displays anyone who hasn't  opened the message, hasn't clicked on the message, nor hasn't purchased a ticket
  • We suggest resending a message to this audience 

  • The "Engaged" tab displays displays anyone who opened the message but hasn't purchased a ticket

  • The "Purchased" tab will display anyone who purchased a ticket to the event (this includes at any time, not just when actioned from a sent message), you don't need to market to these fans.
  • Please note: refunded customers may still appear in the 'purchased' list, depending on the integration they were synced from.

Sales graph annotations & attributed revenue - Coming soon!

Integration sync or manual importing

Whenever the Integration that is connected to this Suggested Audience is synced or when contacts related to this audience are imported, the Suggested Audience will be updated accordingly. For instance, if the sync happens every 24 hours, the Suggested Audience will also be synced after every 24 hours. 

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