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The Message Insights for Email feature is a powerful tool for event marketers, offering valuable insights to help optimize your email marketing strategies, increase engagement, and ultimately sell more tickets!

Before you get started

Message insights overview

  • Key Metrics:
    • Open Rate %: The percentage of recipients who opened the email.
    • Click Rate %: The percentage of recipients who clicked on any link within the email.
    • Click to Open Rate: The percentage of opened emails that resulted in a click.
  • Delivery Summary:
    • Delivered %: The percentage of emails that successfully reached recipients' inboxes.
    • Failed %: The percentage of emails that failed to deliver.
    • Bounced %: The percentage of emails that were returned by the recipients' mail server.
    • Unsubscribed %: The percentage of recipients who opted out of receiving future emails.
  • Opens vs. Clicks Graph:
    • Visualise the number of opens and clicks for the first 24 hours and first 7 days, allowing them to identify trends and the best times to send their emails.
  • Top Links:
    • Identify the most engaging content by tracking the URL and the number of unique clicks on each link within their email.


Click on the options to view by:

  • Recipient Table:
    View all recipients and their interaction with their email campaign.
  • Filter Options:
    Narrow down the recipient data based on various criteria, such as opened, not opened, clicked, not clicked, unsubscribed, bounced, and failed.
  • Export to CSV:
    Easily export recipient data to CSV format for further analysis or to create custom reports.

Link Activity

Understanding how recipients interact with email content allows them to refine their messaging and calls-to-action for better engagement.

  • Total Clicks: This is the total number of link clicks across the email
  • Unique Clicks: This is how many unique recipients have clicked on links
  • Clicks per recipient: This is the average number of clicks per recipient
  • Click to Open rate: As a percentage, this is the recipients that opened the SMS AND clicked on the link

In the Table:

  • Link Interaction Data:
    Analyzes the activity and interactions with each link within the email.
  • Unique Clicks Filter:
    Gain insights into which recipients clicked on a specific link, helping them create targeted follow-ups for improved conversions

Filters used on Sent emails

  • After sending an email, click on Sent To
  • This will show the filters that have been applied


The Deliverability Tab provides insights into email delivery metrics, allowing clients to troubleshoot issues and optimise their campaigns for maximum deliverability.

  1. Delivery Metrics:
    • Processed, delivered, bounced, and failed metrics provide insights into the overall success of an email campaign.
  2. Barcharts:
    • Visualise Email Providers, Browsers, and Devices used by recipients, helping clients optimise their email design and content for better compatibility and user experience.

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