How to avoid Carrier Filters in SMS Marketing

Modified on Fri, 09 Feb 2024 at 09:18 AM

There are two main reasons why SMS messages get blocked: spammy content and high-volume sending. Here's some of the tools and tips to help your messages reach their destination. 

How to avoid Carrier Filters in SMS Marketing

  • Consent (opt-in)
    Ensure that you only send messages to contacts who have provided consent (opted-in) to receive messages from you.

  • Offer Opt-out
    Always include a clear way for SMS subscribers to opt-out.
    Audience Republic will add an opt-out link automatically to any SMS messages that you send from the platform:

  • Limit the message size and volume
    If you're sending out messages from the same number at a high-volume or with a fast frequency, you may be flagged as spam:
    - Try spreading the volume out throughout the day or even between days
    - The message should not be too long and should contain information that's immediately useful. 

What NOT to include in your message:

  1. All capitals – One or more words in your message use all capital letters.
  2. Dollar signs – $$ Having a dollar sign in your bulk text messages will increase your spam score. We recommend removing dollar signs from this message for maximum deliverability.
  3. Spam words that create unnecessary urgency and pressure like: "Apply now, call today, exclusive deal, what are you waiting for?"
  4. Spammy language/capitalisation like: "No cost, credit check, no fees, no interest, FREE, CALL NOW"
  5. Avoid spam words that make exaggerated claims and promises (100%, extra cash, free info, risk-free, etc.).
  6. Avoid words that include "spam" and "junk" since these are seen as suspicious words.

Still need help?

  • If you'd like to upgrade to access the SMS Messaging feature, contact your customer success manager or 
  • For further assistance, contact us at 

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