Best practice list management

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Limit the number of lists to maintain your sender reputation and prevent you from being marked as spam. This will also prevent unsubscribers from being re-subscribed to a list. 

Managing just one list per brand will help you save time and profit while avoiding the unnecessary stress that comes with juggling several lists.

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Best practice list management

When it comes to managing your email lists, there are a few best practices that can help you maintain your sender reputation and avoid being marked as spam. Here are some tips to help you manage your lists effectively:

1. Limit the number of lists by using 1 list per brand and one Masterlist. This enables contacts to manage their preferences based on brand or genre. The masterlist allows you to email contacts across multiple lists to ensure they receive your email once, rather than multiple times. 

2. Use one Masterlist: Using a single Masterlist for your audience database will make it easier to manage your contacts and ensure that they don't receive the same email twice. It can also help your account operate more smoothly.

3. Apply filters: To send an email to specific contacts in your Masterlist, you can apply filters in your email or SMS message. This allows you to target your audience by using tags and segments.

4. Create and save segments: We recommend that you create and save segments in the Audience Manager to easily filter specific fans and better target your audience for marketing purposes.

By following these best practices, you can effectively manage your email lists and improve your overall email marketing strategy.

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