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The SMS Message Insights is an influential tool for event marketers, providing valuable insights to optimise their SMS marketing strategies, enhance engagement, and ultimately, drive ticket sales.

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have access to the Messaging Menu
  • Please note that SMS messages don’t record opened statistics, only clicked. So you won’t see Opened % in the messaging menu for any SMSs 



SMS Insights

The Overview Section offers a snapshot of crucial SMS campaign metrics, enabling you to assess its efficacy swiftly. This is crucial for event marketers, enabling them to promptly spot areas that need tweaking to adjust their strategies.

Messaging Overview

  1. Primary Indicators:
    • Click Rate %: The proportion of recipients who engaged with any link within the SMS.
  2. Delivery Summary:
    • Delivered %: The proportion of SMS messages that successfully reached the recipients.
    • Failed %: The proportion of SMS messages that couldn't be delivered.
    • Unsubscribed %: The proportion of recipients who chose to opt out of future SMS messages.
  3. Clicks Chart:
    • Visualise the volume of clicks in the first 24 hours and first 7 days, enabling users to identify patterns and optimal sending times.
  4. Top Links:
    • Recognise the most engaging content by tracking the URL and the count of unique clicks on each link within the SMS.


The Recipients Section presents a granular view of your SMS recipients, aiding in audience segmentation and customisation of messages for enhanced results.

  1. Recipient Table:
    • View all recipients and their interaction with the SMS campaign.
  2. Filter Options:
    • Refine the recipient data based on different criteria like clicked, not clicked, unsubscribed, subscribed, and failed.
  3. Export to CSV:
    • Conveniently export recipient data to CSV format for more detailed examination or to generate tailored reports.

Link Activity

Gaining insights into how recipients engage with SMS content helps refine their messaging and calls to action for superior engagement.

  1. Link Interaction Information:
    • Examine the activity and interactions with each link within the SMS.
  2. Unique Clicks Filter:
    • Understand which recipients clicked on a specific link, assisting in creating targeted follow-ups for increased conversions.


The Deliverability Section offers insights into SMS delivery metrics, enabling clients to identify issues and tweak their messages for optimal delivery.

  1. Delivery Indicators:
    • Processed, delivered, and failed metrics provide an understanding of the overall success of an SMS campaign.
    • Includes a 'Country Codes' chart to show where your audience is located


Understand the impact of your SMS messages by using Conversions. Link your SMS message to an event to view detailed insights on revenue

Total conversion revenue: the revenue attributed to recipients of this message (related to connected events)

Total quantity of orders: the number of orders attributed to recipients of this message (related to connected events)

Average tickets purchased per recipient: shows the average number of orders attributed to recipients of this message (related to connected events)

Conversions line graph

One line should exist for each connected event

  • Where multiple events are connected, ensure they are displayed as items beneath the graph 

  • Where multiple events are connected, the user should be able to click the “Cumulative” drop-down

  • From here, the user can toggle one or multiple events to determine what displays on the graph 

  • “Cumulative” should be selected by default - this should display all connected events on the graph

  • Where one event is connected “Cumulative” drop-down should not render

Toggle between “Sales” and “Quantity”

  • This updates the graph to display sales and quantity values

  • The graph has access to all standard graph manipulation tools that are built into this component 

Recipients are displayed in a table at the bottom of the page

  • Total number of recipients is shown above the table

  • Use filters set at the top of the page

The table displays the following values 
*please note, you cannot add/remove values

  • Name

  • Mobile

  • Ticket Type

  • Quantity (of tickets purchased)

  • Order total (total value of purchases)

  • Order date

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