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Instantly reach your audience by sending SMS text messages from the Messaging menu.

Before you get started

**Important: Audience Republic doesn't have 2-way SMS available. This means that any replies fans send won't be received. Additionally, our current SMS setup doesn't allow for individual numbers for each Promoter. 

  • Please note, that you cannot change the unsubscribe wording as it's hard coded. Our team picked this language because it takes up the least character count.
  • The platform will automatically shorten long links

How to send an SMS message

  • Navigate to the Messaging menu
  • Choose the Messages tab
  • Click New Message and choose SMS from the drop down menu

  • Enter the Message name (internal only, displays on the messaging tab)
  • Select the list to send the SMS to from the drop down To menu. For guidance on filtering options, please scroll down in this article.
  • Compose your message in the Message text box. You may want to include dynamic tags. Note that the limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters.
  • Approve the cost and tick I agree to charge my credit card. Price estimates are displayed when composing the SMS.
  • To send the message now click Send Message and confirm by clicking Send Message when prompted.  

Filter your recipient list

For better targeting, filter your recipient list using either our quick or advanced options:

Quick filters

  • By clicking on the 'Show quick filters' link:

  • You have the option to apply one of the following filters: 
    • Contacts with or without a particular tag
    • Whether contacts did or didn't open a specific previous message
    • Whether contacts did or didn't click on a specific previous message
    • Whether contacts did or didn't purchase a ticket to a specific event
    • Whether contacts did or didn't register to a specific campaign

Advanced filters

  • For more advanced filters, click on the Filter button next to the recipient list ('To' field):

  • A side panel will appear where you can select from previously saved segments, and apply complex filters (i.e. more than one condition, with and/or logic).

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