Should you resend a message to non-openers?

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If you've sent an email campaign and it hasn't performed as well as you hoped, should you resend emails to people who didn’t open it? Yes, you can, but do it wisely! 

Resending emails to contacts who didn’t open the first time can generate more open rates and improved conversions, however, some people could get annoyed by the additional email and might unsubscribe.

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have duplicated the message that you want to resend. 
  • Please note, to duplicate a message, you first need to draft, schedule or have sent an email or SMS message

5 tips for resending your email campaign to non-openers

  • Only resend your most important email campaigns
    To avoid annoying your subscribers with multiple resent emails, choose your most important email campaigns and limit your resending to just those ones. 
  • Change your subject line
    The subject line plays an important part in capturing your reader’s attention and enticing them to open the email. Add words like “reminder” or “last chance” in order to create a sense of urgency. This will also let your subscribers know this email was not resent by mistake.

  • Timing is essential
    We usually recommend waiting at least 3 days before resending your email.
    Also, resend your email at a different time of day than your original email. Someone might not have had time to read your email when you sent it in the morning, but they might have time at midday.

  • Filter your recipients wisely
    Instead of resending to recipients who didn’t open, filter them in the Audience Menu by using tags and segments
    Resend to people who didn’t open and didn’t click. You can also resend it to people who clicked but didn't purchase.

  • Evaluate the impact - both positive & negative 
    Evaluate the unsubscribe rate of your email resend and compare this against the additional conversions that it creates in the Message Insights dashboard. If too many people are dropping off your Subscribes list because of the resend, it may not be worth it.

How to send an email to non-openers

  • Duplicate the message
  • Open the duplicated message and scroll to the "Send To" section
  • Use the quick filter option: Opened message / Didn't Open message
  • Select the Send only to People > Didn't Open Message
  • Select the Message type
  • *Remember to change your message subject line*

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